Construct It!

I have this idea to open a restaurant and call it CHAR. This is, as you might expect, a reflection on my cooking style. Twice now, in our new house, I have cooked my foolproof pork chop method, set off the fire alarm, and received an urgent call from our home security company. If I … Continue reading Construct It!

Music is a Miracle

It is only now that I’m beginning to realize how much I love music. I mean, it should be obvious, but it doesn’t fit in with my self-image. I’m a movie guy. I’m a reader. I’m not a musician. I only listen to music all the damn time. I’ve spent a chunk money on Sonos … Continue reading Music is a Miracle

The Ballad of Ms. Jeanie Underfoot

To understand Miss Jeanie, the newest member of our crew, we must first discuss Phoenix. Over the Xmas and NY period, we - my estimable wife and I - wondered if we were ready to take on another pug…which is how we came to spend the two-week holiday period with Phoenix. Phoenix’s foster folk were … Continue reading The Ballad of Ms. Jeanie Underfoot