I don't like to go on about "apostrophe abuse" or spelling and grammar mistakes in general - this post and indeed this blog is guaranteed to be littered with those...but. But. But, Target, come on. This is not good enough. In a country that gets "Five items or fewer" signs correct at the checkout (while … Continue reading Womens

On the Weirdest Thing That’s Happened to Me…So Far

You know what’s a good ice-breaker? In parties, sitting on a park bench, tied to a complete stranger in a hostage situation, you need a question to start up the conversation. Something like, “What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you?” Of course, like all conversational opening gambits, you’re really only asking so you … Continue reading On the Weirdest Thing That’s Happened to Me…So Far

The 5 Scariest Movie Monsters

Like all great ideas for blog posts, this one came from a discussion with work friends when everyone should have been busy doing other things. So, what are the scariest characters in movies? When I started thinking about this seriously, I realized I could only see it one way: the things that had frightened me … Continue reading The 5 Scariest Movie Monsters

On the Eating of Brazilian Steak

Unless you’re a successful publishing freelancer – where the crazy money is to be made – the Brazilian Steakhouse Experience is not an everyday one. It’s very strictly a special-occasion, save-up-for-six-months kind of experience. But buy that piggy bank and start hoarding those quarters now. This is every awesome thing that happens… So, we decide … Continue reading On the Eating of Brazilian Steak