The Austin fashion police are very particular. You can enter the library in flip-flops, in fancy, shimmering socks and sandals, in teeny-tiny shorts, wearing blue-and-green anything, wearing Spock ears, wearing a T-shirt that still asks, "Who shot JR?", knee pads, fingerless gloves covered in pixie dust, a vest that comes halfway down your belly, lace … Continue reading NO HATS

On Becoming Joe

So, it's Sunday morning, and I’m awake early and ready to do…something. This is why I’m soon standing in a coffee shop, ordering my medium latte and cinnamon roll. Order placed, I take my note pad and iPad to a 2-seat table. I check the football scores, begin what is, I discover, a cinnamon roll … Continue reading On Becoming Joe

On Re-Watching Se7en

Se7en is a famously polarizing movie: the decay and bleakness of the surroundings, the bodies, the blade dildo, the head in a box. And, seeing that movie again, these landmarks are all present and correct; familiar, inevitable, but still with a power to disturb. (Incidentally, I had a small epiphany when watching the movie this … Continue reading On Re-Watching Se7en