Stripper Diorama

I can see there being two schools of thought with this creative diorama: there is nothing wrong with this tableau; there is everything wrong with this tableau. Option 3, of course, is "What's a 'tableau' fancy-Dan?" The good people of Llano see this every day. Some expertly taxidermied deer running wild and crazy behind a … Continue reading Stripper Diorama

On Being Unemployed in Texas: Part II

In April 2014, I was laid off for the first time. I now have to begin looking for work in Texas, my home for 4 years. I begin the job search in my time-honored fashion: I get other people to do the hard work for me. This is how I demonstrate my management skills. My … Continue reading On Being Unemployed in Texas: Part II

On Dogs, Babies…and Poop

I am old, so sometimes I find myself unnecessarily impatient with perfectly nice younger people. The kind of people who have babies and then post every minute of every day of their child's perfectly normal, average life on social media. "Jimmy doesn't sleep! Isn't he AMAZING?!" Having a child is amazing. It just makes me … Continue reading On Dogs, Babies…and Poop