It’s fun being a kid

It's not fun being a kid, mass-produced fortune cookie. It's hellish. You have to go to bed early, you have no regular and reliable supply of income, someone else buys your clothes, and girls are scary. It's unpleasant being a middle-aged man in a down-turning economy for exactly the same reasons. Save

On Keeping Medicine Weird

"Keep Austin Weird" is either a way of life or an effective way to market a city that desperately wants to let everyone know it is in Texas but not necessarily of Texas. But how many other cities are keeping it weird? I first saw the slogan in Portland, Oregon, and they really seemed to … Continue reading On Keeping Medicine Weird

On Why We Like What We Like

Everything you've done, everything you've experienced, everything someone said to you has a chance of adding another facet to your character. It's enough to make you never want to leave the house, isn't it? But what about the media we absorb every day - not the news, views, and eye-bleeding hate that passes for political … Continue reading On Why We Like What We Like