Flash: A Life (2013–2017)

Flash never apologized for how he chose to live his life - from his beginnings as the only hard-right supporter in the PetCo beta fish display to his later career as party observer and wedding witness, he always did things his way. Flash was originally brought into the family as a workplace companion. But when … Continue reading Flash: A Life (2013–2017)

On Being a Driving Teacher

When I tell my friends that my son has no real interest in driving, the reaction is universally one of surprise. For Americans of my generation, driving happened as soon as it could. Driving represented freedom from parents, access to move theaters, more time with friends and potential partners. Of course, this was the time … Continue reading On Being a Driving Teacher

The Ballad of Jordan Underfoot

Getting a dog will almost certainly completely restructure your life. Once you're all settled into its new rhythm, the thing to do is to get another dog, right? Because who wants consistency? That, apparently, was our logic as we decided to make one fluff monster into two. We set our sights on the Austin Pug … Continue reading The Ballad of Jordan Underfoot