On Saying Goodbye

Around me as I write are packed cardboard boxes, blank walls, and weird shapes in the carpet where things used to be. We’re moving to a proper house with an office for me to play Xbox in, a yard for the dogs to escape from, and whole new swathes of carpet that needs new furniture … Continue reading On Saying Goodbye

On Jordan’s Teeth

When we “rescued” Jordan, as I like to say, swishing my superhero cape as I do so, we knew she had some medical issues. We took her to our vet for a thorough look under the hood and learned she had two main issues: a dodgy hip and even dodgier teeth. We have twice-a-day pills … Continue reading On Jordan’s Teeth

Advice for Austinites in Winter

So, summer's over. It's going to starting getting cold again. Sure, it happens (almost) every year at this time, but we're always surprised, right? A little snow on the ground and the only place open is...well, nothing. Nothing is open. However, I am not from here - I am a proud and hardy Northern European. … Continue reading Advice for Austinites in Winter