Snowpocalypse 2017

Every now and again here in Austin, we get a little snowfall. Sometimes it’s icy and therefore dangerous in a city where a light rain means a significant increase in traffic accidents.

But mostly, it’s pretty white shapes drifting down and melting as soon as it hits a hard surface. And yet, still, the schools close, office buildings close, and people who work from home…carry on as usual, but with increased snark on social media.

December 2017 was one such occasion: Snowpocalypse 2017 was notable because it was so unexpected – we did not see it coming and, then, there it was.

As there’s so little news in the US currently, the TV news organizations seized on these light flurries like they were signs of the next Ice Age. And maybe they are.

Outside, in our new neighborhood, I could hear kids screaming, “SNOW! SNOW!” I looked out and some kid was making some kind of a snow angel on the top of his dad’s truck. His school will have closed as soon as temperatures dropped down to where they usually stay in the UK for most of the year, so he was spending his free time balanced precariously on slippy stuff resting on the top of an even slippier roof, a fair way off the ground. That’s how “Hey, did I ever tell you about the time I broke my arm as a kid?” barroom stories start.

The dogs were less impressed with the frozen, crusty ice-water on their toes. I was once again impressed by how well they can regulate their bodily functions. If The Rev decides that this is not the kind of environment in which to poop, he does not poop. But he’s young; these skills diminish with age. It will come to him eventually.

We did get to dress them up, though, which we love probably more than we should. In our defense, they don’t seem to mind. Or, if they do, they know that resistance is useless – and that they’ll get to be a little warmer while patrolling the streets looking for cyclists and joggers to shout at.

JH dressed warm_edited_BW

The snow lasted less than 24 hours. The next day, I was back to wearing t-shirts and the dogs were back to being practically naked. Texas weather is weird, and only predictable in the summer. The rest of the year, it can literally be almost anything. Keep on keeping it weird, Austin.

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