On That First Record

My band would be The Three O’Clock Sounds.

My biographical first album would be called: Overcomplicating Everything.

This would be the cover:

Overcomplicating Everything

Track list:

  1. Huh, That Was Easier Than I Thought It Was Going to Be
  2. You Drive, I’ll Navigate
  3. I Need to Buy This (To Write)
  4. It Sounded Funnier in My Head
  5. I’m Sure It’s Just a Cough
  6. Did You Check the Doors Are Locked?
  7. Sing Like You’re In the Shower
  8. Hey, I’ve Bought Another Bookcase (the Amazon Song)
  9. Let’s Meet Up…At An Unspecified Time in the Future
  10. Let’s Do Nothing This Weekend
  11. Why Did I Say That?
  12. The Pug Trilogy: We Can’t Watch Movies With Horses In Any More; He Peed, She Pooped; I Guess We Need a Bigger Bed

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