Video: Hot Dog

The Reverend John Henry is a pug. And pugs make a lot of noise. Especially when they're hot. And in Austin, this is around the time it starts getting hot. Safety reminder: all dogs should be kept cool and hydrated in hot weather - the squished-faced varieties especially. Exercise 'em carefully and for short periods … Continue reading Video: Hot Dog

Video: Back Yard Exercise

I was worried, when we moved from an apartment to an actual house with a yard, that the doggies wouldn't get enough exercise. I needn't have been concerned. Dropping down from four walks a day to two has certainly not been great for my cardio-vascular workout, but the dogs have actually lost weight. And here … Continue reading Video: Back Yard Exercise

San Francisco Tales: Part I

Day 1: Anxiety Multi-Pack My idea of San Francisco started with Karl Malden and Michael Douglas in Streets of San Francisco. No, earlier. Vertigo. And later, Zodiac. This, then, was the San Francisco I knew, the one I was flying towards. Murder, serial killers, obsession. Less dramatically, the reviews of the city from people who … Continue reading San Francisco Tales: Part I