On the World Cup 2018: early thoughts

I don’t think I’ve ever watched as much football in one month as I’m watching now. I mean, I’ve lived through World Cups before – somany of them – but this one seems to have captured my imagination. Or maybe it’s something else. This is the first tournament where The Teen has expressed an interest. … Continue reading On the World Cup 2018: early thoughts

On The Benefits of Exercise

Advertising agency Lyre and Fibb had their easiest commission yet. “It’s gonna be hot,” The Client insisted. “It’s gonna sell itself.” Mr. Lyre and Ms. Fibb popped the tops off their permanent markers. “Tell us more,” they said, together. “It’s for all ages,” The Client said. “All faiths, for men and women, straight or gay. … Continue reading On The Benefits of Exercise

San Francisco Tales – Part IV

Part 4: The Coming of Cong We are exhausted. I wonder why travel shows don’t show you the truth about travelling: for every 2 days of exploring, we old people require about two-thirds of a day of rest. That’s science. Or math. But it's a reality on our very short trip to California. Yesterday I … Continue reading San Francisco Tales – Part IV