Video: Jumpin’ Cyril

OK, I know all squirrels aren’t called “Cyril”. The lady squirrels must have a different name, for a start. But, for the sake of my memory’s inability to remember names anymore, let’s just go with my easy-to-remember version. You see a squirrel and it’s a boy squirrel, let’s just call him “Cyril.” They don’t speak English; they’ll never know.

Anyway, so here’s my squirrel friend Cyril – he’s doing his thing by leaping onto a tree. I’ve set it to music. The music is copyright-free so it’s OK to upload. I did, for personal use, cut it perfectly to a popular song from my childhood. But this is just fine for you less-discerning viewers.

You’re welcome.

I love squirrels. I mean, they’re not pugs but they’re still damn cute.

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