Free Time and Money

In my role as parent, role-model, and all-around knower-of-everything, I’ve talked to the child about my concept of free money. “Free money” is of course an immediate misnomer as money is never free…not for the likes of you and me. In this case, the free part means it doesn’t belong to anything. It is as a … Continue reading Free Time and Money

On Our First Fosters

We have decided to become foster carers for pugs in need. After that, things moved pretty quickly. We picked out a cute-looking little guy from the charity's website and made our claim. To our surprise, we got him...and then he got sick and wasn't ready to be around other dogs, so they offered us a … Continue reading On Our First Fosters

On Things I Would Make Illegal

When I am God-King of the Universe, these are things that will be illegal. With punishments swift and severe: Serving a patron Pepsi when they specifically asked for Coke. Isn’t this supposed to be the home of freedom? Isn’t this the country that invented customer service? So what is this bullshit? Coke is not Pepsi. … Continue reading On Things I Would Make Illegal