Spotted in San Francisco. A rare sign that made me want to go in to a church and see what was going on. I mean, I think we actually ended up in Starbucks and there I had a quasi-religious experience of my own, but still. I was tempted by the Lord. Or Lady. So that … Continue reading Church

On Funko

I am a grown man with admittedly nerdy leanings, but I know I’m too old to be buying toys. And yet, how many toys (“collectables” if you prefer) do people – probably mostly men – in my age range buy? I think it’s quite a lucrative market for the right products. Nerdy stuff, retro stuff…nostalgia. … Continue reading On Funko

On Jordan’s Pill

A propros almost nothing, as a young copy editor I was responsible for a nursing journal. Among other things, I learned two words: analgesic and diuretic. I say I learned the words, but I didn’t always remember which was which. Here, as in most things, context was everything. Anyway, because of my solid medical background, … Continue reading On Jordan’s Pill