On the Hospitality of Jordan

Photographs, snapshots of life that provide us with slices of our day at a fraction of a second at a time. Sometimes, they show us a truth that we miss with our own eyes.

For example?

Well, we are currently fostering Johnny Cash and June Carter. And, looking at the pictures from the first few days, it seems like Miss Jordan has strong feelings.

Here, as the boys make themselves comfortable, Miss Jordan pleads silently to be rid of this buzzsaw-snoring smell-generator.

Here, like an evil stepmother at a Cinderella party, she lurks…there’s no other word for it; this could be the picture-dictionary illustration for lurking…while the party goes on in front of her.

And finally, the pleading has turned to outright bitter and seething resentment as the aforementioned buzzsaw-snoring smell-generator feels comfortable enough in his new surroundings to dare to sleep right next to our grumpy, mono-toothed queen of the house.

It’s only a matter of time before she snaps and kills us in our sleep.

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