On Reviewing

I had a blog before this one. In another country, another life… Ah. The United Kingdom. That once revered home of fair play and the sandwich, now forever besmirched by The Boris, The Brexit, and the third thing beginning with “B” that will not come to mind. But I digress. The aim of my previous … Continue reading On Reviewing

On the Benefits of Being Philosophical

When I tell people that my son is thinking of studying philosophy at university, their facial expressions say one of two things: - Cool! I wish I was back at uni, studying something interesting but useless. - What? Why are you letting him waste time and money on something interesting but useless? He should be … Continue reading On the Benefits of Being Philosophical

So you’re planning to adopt the JCs

Big JC and Little JC are the first dogs we’ve ever fostered, so they’re going to be hard to say goodbye to. We’ll miss their squishy faces, their little personality quirks, and their warm doggy breath in our faces; but maybe a full night’s sleep, a 50% reduction in dog poop, and lack of food-time … Continue reading So you’re planning to adopt the JCs