On Pug Names

Why have one name when so many more seem to fit? And, if your puggles happen to be deaf, all the better. They can’t get confused if they can’t hear you.

The Reverend John Henry Underfoot
The Rev; John Henry; JH; sweetie; pooper; little pooper; the favored child; John Henry Underbite.

Ms. Jordan Underfoot
Jordan; Feisty Grandma; Miss Jordan; The Animal; The Toothless Ninja; Death Breath; Money Pit.

Johnny Cash
Big JC; Big Guy; Big Boy; Cannonball; Big Palooka; Teddy Bear; Ya Big Lummox.

Shot with NOMO 135 M3.

June Carter
June Carter Cash; Little JC; June; Junie; Miss Junie; June the Spoon; Spoony; Miss Spoon; Sleeping Beauty; Crazy June; Baby June; The Daemon.

Shot with NOMO 135 M3.

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