Newsletter: October 1, 2020

Hello, innocent bystander. This is either my attempt at contributing something positive in These Trying Times, or it’s me finally cracking up. Either way, thanks for being here to witness whatever this is. I want to add a little light, a little levity, in what are at best uncertain times. Yes, I am a hero. So, this is an experiment for my blog. We’ll learn together about whether it works or not.

The ten things I wanted to talk about this month are…

#notabledates. Oct 4: National Cinnamon Bun Day; Oct 11: National Sausage Pizza Day; Oct 12: National Kick Butt Day; Oct 13: National Yorkshire Pudding Day; Oct 14: National Fossil Day; Oct 16: National Boss’s Day; Oct 28: National Chocolate Day; October 31: National Knock Knock Joke Day; Halloween.

#househunting. I’ve just started the exciting and terrible process of finding a home to buy. We’re still at the best part, though: too soon to actually need to make any decisions. All we do is look online at cool and/or interesting houses and judge other people’s yards. In all our searching, this is the house I would buy. But the best ad I saw was for an old sheriff’s house in MO. It starts off as a nice enough house but then about two-thirds of the way through the photo slideshow, we get to the basement, which turns out to be a fully fitted out city jail, with space for 10 persons. I checked and it’s been sold – I wish I’d taken screenshots when I had the chance.

#photos. When you see a remarkable car in Georgetown, you go around the block again just to take a photo of it.

#music. OK, so after Prince died, it was inevitable that they would sweep into his vault and start releasing as much as they could. I’m not sure that was morally the best thing to do (it was not), but capitalists are going to capitalize. So, next up is a re-release of Sign O’ The Times, with many many extras. Jeff Katz did most of the photography for the original release. He remembers it here.

#self-care. In what we will call “the current situation”, self-care is more important than ever. I like this guy. He makes sense to me. And his attitude is sassy. While it might seem to be a how-to guide to crossing a parking lot, it’s also a well-written and – as previously described – sassy metaphor. Or maybe it is just a how-to guide to crossing a parking lot. And maybe some of us need that right now.

#photos. The comedy wildlife photography awards. Where nature gets together to make us feel a little better. Which is what we need right now. Thanks, animals!

#places. I am fascinated by American Pickers, the History Channel show that seems to have no problem in locating the quietly eccentric collectors and hoarders on America’s side roads. And now, I can stay in an actual pickers-themed AirB&B! I hope it’s still there in 2023, when I’m ready to travel again.

#film. Miranda July’s essay on Punch Drunk Love. I love to read unusual approaches to movie writing. I’m still looking at how I want to talk about movies. Maybe this way is an interesting approach to take.

#blog. A look back at adapting to the house we’ve rented for the past three years or so. Getting nostalgic for a place we haven’t even left yet. Which is very on-brand.

#playlist. This is the music that got me through September, featuring my usual mix of cover versions, nostalgia, and fascinating (to me, at least) novelty. 

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