On Doggy DNA, part 2

I am not a great scientist. Let me put that out there first. At school, when it came to choosing which science I would focus on for the final two years of compulsory schooling (14-16), I chose physics, because that’s what boys did.

Girls went for biology; mad scientists and bomb-makers chose chemistry. I didn’t make the rules.

So, I spent the next two years barely understanding a word my teacher said, and scraping through my exams with little comprehension of what an electron, an ohm, or a sensible career choice actually were.

The high point of my low point was in one of those new-fangled practicals the science educators came up with at the time – wiring a plug. All we had to do was attach the correct wire to the correct part of the plug and make sure it stayed there when the teach gave the wires a little tug. Not one of those things happened on the plug I “wired”.

Soon after, the laws in England changed and all electrical appliances had to come pre-fitted with plugs. I’m not suggesting that this was a direct reaction to my failed physics practical; but it was an interesting coincidence.

Which takes me, finally to my point. We finally got the results of the DNA tests that we did for our pup pack. Clearly, from the above, I am not the person to make any insightful observations about science in general, nor DNA specifically. Clearly. But.

As a reminder, these are my pups:

Previously, I had suggested there was some terrier, some chihuahua – and yes, maybe some alien DNA – mixed in there. The DNA tests, when they arrived back this week, disagreed.

The emails popped into my inbox suddenly, one after the other.

  • John Henry: 100% pug.
  • Miss Jordan: 100% pug.
  • June Carter: 100% pug.

That seems…not 100% accurate?

I regretted being so honest in filling in the questionnaire that came with each test. “What are you expecting to see?” it asked, more or less. Each time, I wrote pug. I should have written giraffe.

So, next steps? After the announcement emails came customer service emails. How did we do? I shall be answering those this morning. Let’s see if we can get a recount. At the very least, we’ll get one more chapter of the story.

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