#Illinois2018 – On Road Trips

Americans see distances in a very different way to normal people… They just have so much more to work with. I know this is hardly a startling observation (Hey, have you noticed how big the US is?) but the truth of the cliché hit me hard as we traveled, my delightfully American wife and I, … Continue reading #Illinois2018 – On Road Trips

On Fords

I’m weeks away from having paid off my car. Blanche is very nearly all mine. It’s taken 5 years but it’s the first car I’ve paid off since coming to this country, and it feels like a milestone of sorts. Another stamp on my Being a Grownup card. Of course, now I'm getting near to … Continue reading On Fords

On Preparing for a Road Trip: #Hillsboro2018

We’re heading up to Hillsboro, IL, for the Old Settlers Festival, which I imagine beforehand will be seven old people and a one-eyed boy pushing a dog in a buggy around the streets while a man holding a kitten waves an American flag behind a barricade. OK, the kitten is also waving a flag. To … Continue reading On Preparing for a Road Trip: #Hillsboro2018