Goodbye, June Carter

If there is a rainbow bridge that transports beloved dogs across to their Reward, Miss June Carter will most certainly not be seen crossing it. Doing what was expected of her - even if it was for her obvious benefit - was not something Junie was interested in. June did her own thing: inscrutable, stubborn, … Continue reading Goodbye, June Carter

On Prostates & Goodbyes

Johnny Cash, our foster dog for seven months, quickly became a much- loved family member. To know Big JC is to love Big JC. He has the face of a kindly old bear; the body of a bull dog; and the temperament of a spoiled child who wants you all to himself. We adored him. … Continue reading On Prostates & Goodbyes

On Losing an Imaginary Friend

Prince came to live with me in Xmas 1984 (or maybe '85), via the kind of cassette tape you could pick up for a couple of quid at any market stall in the country during those prehistoric, lawless times. As I listened, wearing out the tape, he told me strange, unknowable things, things I sometimes … Continue reading On Losing an Imaginary Friend