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Advice for Austinites in Winter

So, summer’s over. It’s going to starting getting cold again. Sure, it happens (almost) every year at this time, but we’re always surprised, right? A little snow on the ground and the only place open is…well, nothing. Nothing is open. However, I am not from here – I am a proud and hardy Northern European.… Continue reading Advice for Austinites in Winter

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On Being Chosen to Dog Sit

So we have chosen you to look after our pugs… Well done, you, for having won the dog-sitting version of the lottery. By looking after our furry favorites, you are the chosen ones. I hope you appreciate the honor we are paying you. So, this is what you need to know. John Henry The Reverend… Continue reading On Being Chosen to Dog Sit

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On Giving Advice – New Parent Edition

I have been directly involved in the raising of two children and  – more importantly – been a silent judge on how many many other children have been parented. This solid background, combined with a soapbox provided for me by a free Internet blog site, gives me enough of a background to act as a… Continue reading On Giving Advice – New Parent Edition