On Writing What You Know

I wonder if you, like me, were given this precious golden nugget of advice at school: Write what you know. A faultless piece of wisdom that successful writers such as Stephen King, JK Rowling, and William Shakespeare no doubt kept close to their hearts as they started out on their particular roads to wild acclaim. … Continue reading On Writing What You Know

Goodbye, June Carter

If there is a rainbow bridge that transports beloved dogs across to their Reward, Miss June Carter will most certainly not be seen crossing it. Doing what was expected of her - even if it was for her obvious benefit - was not something Junie was interested in. June did her own thing: inscrutable, stubborn, … Continue reading Goodbye, June Carter

The Plumber: A Snowpocalypse 2021 Story

Winter 2021 was a bad one in Austin, TX. One for the history books. Here in our tiny bubble of small consequences, we didn't suffer as much as many people. But this is a blog about semi-humorous/semi-autobiographical anecdotes. So this is what you get... I’d been discussing my son’s broad career interests with some friends … Continue reading The Plumber: A Snowpocalypse 2021 Story