On Jordan’s Pill

A propros almost nothing, as a young copy editor I was responsible for a nursing journal. Among other things, I learned two words: analgesic and diuretic. I say I learned the words, but I didn’t always remember which was which. Here, as in most things, context was everything. Anyway, because of my solid medical background, … Continue reading On Jordan’s Pill

On Our First Fosters

We have decided to become foster carers for pugs in need. After that, things moved pretty quickly. We picked out a cute-looking little guy from the charity's website and made our claim. To our surprise, we got him...and then he got sick and wasn't ready to be around other dogs, so they offered us a … Continue reading On Our First Fosters

On Not Being Trusted to Fight Off Tigers

When two dog owners get together, it doesn’t take them long to get to the point of all dog stories: poop. Every dog owner has a good poop story. Don’t they? I mean, it’s not just me, is it? Before we got John Henry, I tried to read up on dog behavior, dog training – … Continue reading On Not Being Trusted to Fight Off Tigers