So Your Wife is Out of Town for a Week

Day 1 You’re up early to wave your wife off. You’ve carried her suitcase to the waiting Lyft, now back for a coffee and check of the work email. Modern tech means that you’re never really apart. At least not for very long. You can share the ride to the airport, the breakfast, and then … Continue reading So Your Wife is Out of Town for a Week

On Grief

When we lose someone we love, this is what happens. A bubble immediately envelopes us; we are insulated from the outside world, the shock of what has just happened bounces around the inside curves of our new world; the outside world echoes hollow and ever-more distant in the distance. We live inside that bubble…for minutes, … Continue reading On Grief

#Illinois2018 – On Road Trips

Americans see distances in a very different way to normal people… They just have so much more to work with. I know this is hardly a startling observation (Hey, have you noticed how big the US is?) but the truth of the cliché hit me hard as we traveled, my delightfully American wife and I, … Continue reading #Illinois2018 – On Road Trips