On Choosing Your Favorite Child

Having two dogs is like having two kids in a surprising number of ways. Near the top is the sudden moral requirement to choose your favorite: all families need a pecking order.  Now we have the lady Jordan alongside The Reverand John Henry, we need to establish their order in our affections. So, let's break … Continue reading On Choosing Your Favorite Child

Flash: A Life (2013–2017)

Flash never apologized for how he chose to live his life - from his beginnings as the only hard-right supporter in the PetCo beta fish display to his later career as party observer and wedding witness, he always did things his way. Flash was originally brought into the family as a workplace companion. But when … Continue reading Flash: A Life (2013–2017)

Things that The Reverend John Henry Underfoot Loves

In a previous post, I listed the things that most strike fear into the heart of our little hero. Now, in these dark and uncertain times, I've decided to balance that out with a new list of things - those things that make The Rev's day. His mommy Snacks Mealtimes Naps The rest of his … Continue reading Things that The Reverend John Henry Underfoot Loves

A List of Things That Scare My Dog

A list of things Rev. John Henry is afraid of: Balloons Plastic bags Traffic cones Loud talking Leaves blown by a strong breeze A strong breeze Eye patches Stones in a suspicious pile Small plastic bottles Those big water-cooler water bottles Piles of earth Any kind of noise directly outside the front door The pernicious … Continue reading A List of Things That Scare My Dog