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Advice for Austinites in Winter

So, summer’s over. It’s going to starting getting cold again. Sure, it happens (almost) every year at this time, but we’re always surprised, right? A little snow on the ground and the only place open is…well, nothing. Nothing is open. However, I am not from here – I am a proud and hardy Northern European.… Continue reading Advice for Austinites in Winter

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On #Harvey: Mundane hurricane stories

“You’re a hurricane virgin,” a friend of mine texted…and it’s true. This was my first hurricane. I was lucky enough to be experiencing Hurricane Harvey from relative safety: on a second-floor apartment in Austin, well away from the dangers more evident on the coast and in Houston. So, we watched, like everyone, our weather apps,… Continue reading On #Harvey: Mundane hurricane stories

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On Xmas Traditions

As an Englishman abroad, Xmas can be a time of mixed feelings. Life in Austin is mostly wonderful, but it’s easy to feel maudlin about family and friends so far away. Although distance does mean there’s definitely less pressure on the present-buying front… Starting new traditions is basically a self-serving way of forming a holiday… Continue reading On Xmas Traditions