On Beards

Look, we're not born knowing how to do everything. Some things needs to be learned. How to dress for the job you want, rather than the job you have, for example. Or when to laugh at a Shakespeare comedy on a school trip (answer: when your teacher does). And, for me, it was beards. Oh, … Continue reading On Beards

On Self-Care

I’m thinking of becoming one of those fancy lifestyle gurus, with a blog that tells you, the ignorant reader, how much better your life would be if only you did as I told you. I think my whole life has been building toward this point. Why am I suddenly so confident? Easy! I have changed … Continue reading On Self-Care

What #SmallChange Can’t Live Without

Based on the New York magazine series, here. Tea I was not much of a tea-drinker back in the old-country, but genes will assert themselves eventually. My wife discovered this particular brand and I like it so much that the raspberry flavor has become my “treat myself” tea on long work days. I'm prepared to … Continue reading What #SmallChange Can’t Live Without