Blind Date

Small Change on Strangers is a blogger, pug obsessive, part-time beard grower. Lady Small Change is the woman who loves him. They meet here at Quality Sea Food for a staycation "blind date". Small Change on Lady Small Change What were you hoping for?An exploration of the unknown, to learn a little more about the … Continue reading Blind Date

Books That Made Me

Based on the Guardian series, here. The book I am currently reading I'm very good at starting books. The book that changed my life I guess it would be the first one I copy edited and the author didn't complain. I wish I could remember what it was. The book I wish I’d written So … Continue reading Books That Made Me

#Illinois2018 – On Customer Service

I’ve never worked in customer service – and, more specifically, would definitely avoid ever being a waiter. This is a job that requires excellent social skills, having rapport with strangers, and possessing a more-than-decent memory. And none of these things applies to me.  So, here’s a question: do wait staff ever have competitions to pass … Continue reading #Illinois2018 – On Customer Service

#Illinois2018 – On Road Trips

Americans see distances in a very different way to normal people… They just have so much more to work with. I know this is hardly a startling observation (Hey, have you noticed how big the US is?) but the truth of the cliché hit me hard as we traveled, my delightfully American wife and I, … Continue reading #Illinois2018 – On Road Trips

On happy thoughts

Recently, Guardian columnist Victoria Coren Mitchell wrote about how oppressive the current news cycles are and then suggested a list of things that make her happy. I think this is both an excellent idea and a relatively stress-free exercise for someone looking to maintain a weekly blog-posting schedule. In that spirit, here is my list. … Continue reading On happy thoughts