The Q&A

Based on the Guardian series, here. When were you happiest? Any time when my wife and I were together, with nowhere specific to be, ideally with a hot drunk and the pug pack. Which living person do you most admire, and why? Elizabeth Warren. I believe she has a plan to really make a difference. … Continue reading The Q&A

On Driving Teachers

My driving teacher was an older lady with no time for anyone’s shenanigans.  She was a former prison guard and had very strong ideas feelings about racism and race relations that she was not shy in sharing. She told me, very early on, that if she shouted and ripped the wheel from my hands (I’m … Continue reading On Driving Teachers

On Things I Would Make Illegal

When I am God-King of the Universe, these are things that will be illegal. With punishments swift and severe: Serving a patron Pepsi when they specifically asked for Coke. Isn’t this supposed to be the home of freedom? Isn’t this the country that invented customer service? So what is this bullshit? Coke is not Pepsi. … Continue reading On Things I Would Make Illegal

On Being a Driving Teacher

When I tell my friends that my son has no real interest in driving, the reaction is universally one of surprise. For Americans of my generation, driving happened as soon as it could. Driving represented freedom from parents, access to move theaters, more time with friends and potential partners. Of course, this was the time … Continue reading On Being a Driving Teacher

On Xmas Traditions

As an Englishman abroad, Xmas can be a time of mixed feelings. Life in Austin is mostly wonderful, but it's easy to feel maudlin about family and friends so far away. Although distance does mean there's definitely less pressure on the present-buying front... Starting new traditions is basically a self-serving way of forming a holiday … Continue reading On Xmas Traditions

On the Weirdest Thing That’s Happened to Me…So Far

You know what’s a good ice-breaker? In parties, sitting on a park bench, tied to a complete stranger in a hostage situation, you need a question to start up the conversation. Something like, “What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you?” Of course, like all conversational opening gambits, you’re really only asking so you … Continue reading On the Weirdest Thing That’s Happened to Me…So Far