Vacation Diary, June 2021

The Student had not yet seen the house-in-progress, so we took the opportunity to get him up there. As it’s a Monday, of course, people are working on the house, so we can’t take him inside. And that, for me, is the magic: this is the frame of the house we are going to have. … Continue reading Vacation Diary, June 2021


So, maybe this is a personality test. Do you read this as "TON-GASS", as my wife does? Or do you read it as "Tongue-ass", as I do? And what does that say about you...and me? I know what it says about my wife. She's too good to be hanging around with the likes of us, … Continue reading Tongass

On Choosing Your Favorite Child

Having two dogs is like having two kids in a surprising number of ways. Near the top is the sudden moral requirement to choose your favorite: all families need a pecking order.  Now we have the lady Jordan alongside The Reverand John Henry, we need to establish their order in our affections. So, let's break … Continue reading On Choosing Your Favorite Child

Things that The Reverend John Henry Underfoot Loves

In a previous post, I listed the things that most strike fear into the heart of our little hero. Now, in these dark and uncertain times, I've decided to balance that out with a new list of things - those things that make The Rev's day. His mommy Snacks Mealtimes Naps The rest of his … Continue reading Things that The Reverend John Henry Underfoot Loves

On Giving Advice – New Parent Edition

I have been directly involved in the raising of two children and  - more importantly - been a silent judge on how many many other children have been parented. This solid background, combined with a soapbox provided for me by a free Internet blog site, gives me enough of a background to act as a … Continue reading On Giving Advice – New Parent Edition