On Very Specific Types of Fear

We have words for so many different things in the modern world, but there doesn't seem to be enough words for the very specific types of fear I feel every day. Why isn't there a word for: the fear that comes when you realize you're halfway through walking your dog and you haven't brought a … Continue reading On Very Specific Types of Fear

On Being a Driving Teacher

When I tell my friends that my son has no real interest in driving, the reaction is universally one of surprise. For Americans of my generation, driving happened as soon as it could. Driving represented freedom from parents, access to move theaters, more time with friends and potential partners. Of course, this was the time … Continue reading On Being a Driving Teacher

A List of Things That Scare My Dog

A list of things Rev. John Henry is afraid of: Balloons Plastic bags Traffic cones Loud talking Leaves blown by a strong breeze A strong breeze Eye patches Stones in a suspicious pile Small plastic bottles Those big water-cooler water bottles Piles of earth Any kind of noise directly outside the front door The pernicious … Continue reading A List of Things That Scare My Dog