The Pug Pack: A Recap

Like tattoos and tea pots, once you get one pug, you might well find yourself getting another one. Foolishly, my wife and I very much thought of ourselves as cat people but, as my son is allergic, we decided to make do with a dog instead. It's a wonder we're able to make it through … Continue reading The Pug Pack: A Recap

On Prostates & Goodbyes

Johnny Cash, our foster dog for seven months, quickly became a much- loved family member. To know Big JC is to love Big JC. He has the face of a kindly old bear; the body of a bull dog; and the temperament of a spoiled child who wants you all to himself. We adored him. … Continue reading On Prostates & Goodbyes

On Pug Names

Why have one name when so many more seem to fit? And, if your puggles happen to be deaf, all the better. They can't get confused if they can't hear you. The Reverend John Henry UnderfootThe Rev; John Henry; JH; sweetie; pooper; little pooper; the favored child; John Henry Underbite. Ms. Jordan UnderfootJordan; Feisty Grandma; … Continue reading On Pug Names

On the JCs’ teeth

You’re right; we’ve been here before. A rescue pug (or two) who comes to us with poor teeth that need a lot of expensive care. This time, though, it’s the JCs - they’re not, strictly speaking, our pugs. We’re fostering them…but that's beginning to feel like a much more long-term deal. The thing with pugs … Continue reading On the JCs’ teeth

So you’re planning to adopt the JCs

Big JC and Little JC are the first dogs we’ve ever fostered, so they’re going to be hard to say goodbye to. We’ll miss their squishy faces, their little personality quirks, and their warm doggy breath in our faces; but maybe a full night’s sleep, a 50% reduction in dog poop, and lack of food-time … Continue reading So you’re planning to adopt the JCs

On Our First Fosters

We have decided to become foster carers for pugs in need. After that, things moved pretty quickly. We picked out a cute-looking little guy from the charity's website and made our claim. To our surprise, we got him...and then he got sick and wasn't ready to be around other dogs, so they offered us a … Continue reading On Our First Fosters