The Pug Pack: A Recap

Like tattoos and tea pots, once you get one pug, you might well find yourself getting another one. Foolishly, my wife and I very much thought of ourselves as cat people but, as my son is allergic, we decided to make do with a dog instead. It's a wonder we're able to make it through … Continue reading The Pug Pack: A Recap

On Zilker Bark

Being a foster-pug-parent has led to some interesting experiences, but none more interesting than when the lovely people at Zilker Bark reached out to ask if we’d like to be in a photo shoot. I’ve been a follower of their Instagram feed for some time now, and the idea that the JCs would be featured … Continue reading On Zilker Bark

Best of 2017

2017 was bad. Let’s not pretend otherwise. At least globally. And nationally. And possibly even locally. But, personally, it could have been worse. I remain, somehow, in full employment. My family moved from an apartment with what seemed like a family of tap-dancing rhinos above us to a house with a yard that the dogs … Continue reading Best of 2017