The Q&A

Based on the Guardian series, here. When were you happiest? Any time when my wife and I were together, with nowhere specific to be, ideally with a hot drunk and the pug pack. Which living person do you most admire, and why? Elizabeth Warren. I believe she has a plan to really make a difference. … Continue reading The Q&A

On happy thoughts

Recently, Guardian columnist Victoria Coren Mitchell wrote about how oppressive the current news cycles are and then suggested a list of things that make her happy. I think this is both an excellent idea and a relatively stress-free exercise for someone looking to maintain a weekly blog-posting schedule. In that spirit, here is my list. … Continue reading On happy thoughts

Things that The Reverend John Henry Underfoot Loves

In a previous post, I listed the things that most strike fear into the heart of our little hero. Now, in these dark and uncertain times, I've decided to balance that out with a new list of things - those things that make The Rev's day. His mommy Snacks Mealtimes Naps The rest of his … Continue reading Things that The Reverend John Henry Underfoot Loves