On the Hospitality of Jordan

Photographs, snapshots of life that provide us with slices of our day at a fraction of a second at a time. Sometimes, they show us a truth that we miss with our own eyes. For example? Well, we are currently fostering Johnny Cash and June Carter. And, looking at the pictures from the first few … Continue reading On the Hospitality of Jordan

On Old Ladies

The cliche is that pets allow us - and especially children - to learn about empathy, about responsibility, and then about dealing with death. If you adopt a senior dog, this is especially true; from day one, you're potentially dealing with dental surgery, joint problems, and behavioral issues that are at that point so ingrained … Continue reading On Old Ladies

Video: JH’s No-Fly Zone

Since we moved into a house with a yard, John Henry has discovered a hitherto dormant territorial side to his personality. Sure, he guards us from UPS drivers, trash trucks, and joggers - the usual suburban threats - but the danger he works hardest to protect us against is the threat from the air. His … Continue reading Video: JH’s No-Fly Zone