On the Prince Essential 100

So, Prince’s death was a surprise and a shock. He seemed like he would live forever. But this is about one of the inevitable consequences of his death: the loosening up of control of his work and his image. During his lifetime, control was a central theme of Prince’s work. Once he was gone, it … Continue reading On the Prince Essential 100

On Nostalgia

Nostalgia is both a feeling and a retail pattern. I’ve noticed that it seems to increase as a person (this person) gets older. In my early life, remembering the past took a very specific form. When I was growing up, there was no choice for me or my brothers: we had to be collectors. I … Continue reading On Nostalgia

On Losing an Imaginary Friend

Prince came to live with me in Xmas 1984 (or maybe '85), via the kind of cassette tape you could pick up for a couple of quid at any market stall in the country during those prehistoric, lawless times. As I listened, wearing out the tape, he told me strange, unknowable things, things I sometimes … Continue reading On Losing an Imaginary Friend