#UK2015 – 1. Cars and Planes

It had only been a year since my last visit to the old country, but it had been much longer since I'd really had a chance to look around. In addition to the cold wasteland of the North East of England, I'd also be checking out my long-held prejudices of other parts of this great … Continue reading #UK2015 – 1. Cars and Planes

A List of Things That Scare My Dog

A list of things Rev. John Henry is afraid of: Balloons Plastic bags Traffic cones Loud talking Leaves blown by a strong breeze A strong breeze Eye patches Stones in a suspicious pile Small plastic bottles Those big water-cooler water bottles Piles of earth Any kind of noise directly outside the front door The pernicious … Continue reading A List of Things That Scare My Dog

On Re-Watching Se7en

Se7en is a famously polarizing movie: the decay and bleakness of the surroundings, the bodies, the blade dildo, the head in a box. And, seeing that movie again, these landmarks are all present and correct; familiar, inevitable, but still with a power to disturb. (Incidentally, I had a small epiphany when watching the movie this … Continue reading On Re-Watching Se7en

The 5 Scariest Movie Monsters

Like all great ideas for blog posts, this one came from a discussion with work friends when everyone should have been busy doing other things. So, what are the scariest characters in movies? When I started thinking about this seriously, I realized I could only see it one way: the things that had frightened me … Continue reading The 5 Scariest Movie Monsters