On What I Do Best

So, I wondered to myself recently, what is the tell-tale sign that we’ve stopped writing about dystopias and are instead living in one? Just a random thought. Have you ever looked at your life skills, or lack thereof, and thought, “I would be absolutely useless in a Mad-Max-style global apocalypse”? I know it’s not just … Continue reading On What I Do Best

On Unsuitable Songs

I’m at “that age”, especially when it comes to music. I listen to almost zero new music. I don’t know who’s cool now, unless they’re also famous for something else. I know Kanye West, for example, but I have no idea if I’ve ever heard any of his music. I am, in musical terms, an … Continue reading On Unsuitable Songs

On Losing an Imaginary Friend

Prince came to live with me in Xmas 1984 (or maybe '85), via the kind of cassette tape you could pick up for a couple of quid at any market stall in the country during those prehistoric, lawless times. As I listened, wearing out the tape, he told me strange, unknowable things, things I sometimes … Continue reading On Losing an Imaginary Friend