#Illinois2018 – On Small-Town Madness

First, let me say that websites that mock the customers of Walmart always seem mean-spirited to me, and they give lie to the idea that there’s no such thing as a class system in America. Laughing at the "Walmart weirdos" is just middle-class people mocking the working-class and the poor. That being said, anywhere a … Continue reading #Illinois2018 – On Small-Town Madness

US Election 2016 – Part II, Clinton

From the beginning, it seemed like almost no one whose name wasn't Clinton wanted HRC to be president. If you wanted an experienced politician, you had Biden. A left-field choice? Bernie Sanders. A female president? Elizabeth Warren was a more exciting option. HRC, every time, was the choice with just too much baggage. Biden chose … Continue reading US Election 2016 – Part II, Clinton