On What To Write

I think I write, more than anything, because I like how it feels afterwards. I like the feeling of I can do this. It’s not a feeling that comes easily to me. For most of each day, I’m feeling like I’m doing things I don’t understand, I’m not good at, or really dislike doing. So, … Continue reading On What To Write

On Writing Expenses

As the words on my gravestone will emphasize: it could always be worse. I don’t do drugs or smoke. I gamble only with the amount of bacon I choose to wrap around my heart. “Drinking” means a bottle of beer occasionally after dinner…maybe two if my wife is having one of her shindigs. I don’t … Continue reading On Writing Expenses

On the Weirdest Thing That’s Happened to Me…So Far

You know what’s a good ice-breaker? In parties, sitting on a park bench, tied to a complete stranger in a hostage situation, you need a question to start up the conversation. Something like, “What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you?” Of course, like all conversational opening gambits, you’re really only asking so you … Continue reading On the Weirdest Thing That’s Happened to Me…So Far